Saturday, January 5, 2008


Ooti is eaten frequently in Manipuri houses but prefer not eating at night as it's consider heavy.Considered to be one of the important dishes to be eaten during the Ratha yatra with Khichdi,and whole loads of many dishes .The ooti during the Ratha Yatra is special as Bamboo shoots(Usoi) are also put as Bamboo shoots are abundant during this time of the year in Manipur.It is extra tasty and more healthy and nutritious .Ratha Yatra days are an occassion to cook ooti with Bamboo shoots .Ooti can also be cooked using leaves of Taro(Pan-Pankhokgla),Pumpkin,mostly climbers like Luffah.It can also be cooked with gourd and yellow grams. Ingredients: Soak Dried white peas or green peas,or fresh peas if it is available,Ginger,onion,Sodium Bicarbonate(or cooking soda),Red chilies,Ginger,Some mint leaves,corriander,Haribob for garnishing.
Time to cook:30 mins
Process: Pressure cooked the overnight soak peas or boiled the peas until it is done with cooking soda.Saute it with Fresh spring onions / onions or local leaves (Maroi napakpi,nakupi) and 1-2 Red chillies .And cooked it for15 mins until the gravy is thick and make it less watery ,then add salt to taste and mint leaves .Mint leaves ,Coriander leaves ,haribob and Ginger are put to make it more aromatic.

Tips:The peas and the water should be proportionate and shouldn't look or taste watery .


bob_p said...

i am gonna try it tomorrow.luckily got nakuppi.

inside my mind said...

traditionally, coriander leaves are never put in ooti...u cn ask the elders to guide better! instead pakhon is added

Thang Ta said...

please do a post on singju !