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Ooti is eaten frequently in Manipuri houses but prefer not eating at night as it's consider heavy.Considered to be one of the important dishes to be eaten during the Ratha yatra with Khichdi,and whole loads of many dishes .The ooti during the Ratha Yatra is special as Bamboo shoots(Usoi) are also put as Bamboo shoots are abundant during this time of the year in Manipur.It is extra tasty and more healthy and nutritious .Ratha Yatra days are an occassion to cook ooti with Bamboo shoots .Ooti can also be cooked using leaves of Taro(Pan-Pankhokgla),Pumpkin,mostly climbers like Luffah.It can also be cooked with gourd and yellow grams. Ingredients: Soak Dried white peas or green peas,or fresh peas if it is available,Ginger,onion,Sodium Bicarbonate(or cooking soda),Red chilies,Ginger,Some mint leaves,corriander,Haribob for garnishing.
Time to cook:30 mins
Process: Pressure cooked the overnight soak peas or boiled the peas until it is done with cooking soda.Saute it with Fresh spring onions / onions or local leaves (Maroi napakpi,nakupi) and 1-2 Red chillies .And cooked it for15 mins until the gravy is thick and make it less watery ,then add salt to taste and mint leaves .Mint leaves ,Coriander leaves ,haribob and Ginger are put to make it more aromatic.

Tips:The peas and the water should be proportionate and shouldn't look or taste watery .


Eromba is of many forms . It can be made from many or most of the vegetables like Sobum ,Yongchak ,Kanglayen,Pulei,Pan,Laphu,Wuyeng(Shitake) Eromba.Eromba is very similar with kansoi because it is both boiled. The difference lies here that it is made a bit hot by putting loads of chilies , fishes are put to add to the taste ,as well as fermented fish .It is later garnished with coriander as well as herbs that are found locally as well as which smells aromatic.

Ingredients:Potato,Cabbage /Cauliflower leaves,Loklei,Yongchak,Onion,Spring onion,Hawai Mubi(Types of fresh Green Bean),Dry fermented fish(Ngari),Normal Dry/Dreid or Fried fish(Shreded),Red dry Chillies,Salt to taste,Coriander for Garnishing. Time to cook:10-15 mins

Process:Firstly boil all the vegetables with some red chilies.Dry Fermented fish or fried fish(it adds to the taste) can be steamed or roasted. Let it be cooled after thoroughtly boiled.Mashed the fermented Fish ,Fish and put Chillies,salt to taste.Garnish with coriander and other seasonal herbs like Toningkhok,Nungsidhak(Mint),Lomba(Yongcha alu Iromba).when it is done.Serve with hot steam rice .

N.B:Depending on the seasons , Eromba comes in different forms and Garnishing also differs with that.It is a necessary dish to be there in any meal , feast or someone's invited for Dinner or Lunch in Manipuri Households.Everyone is invited to give comments and share thier views

Kangsoi(Boiled food)

Kangsoi(Boiled food) is basically the most famous food in Manipur,because it is simple to make,very healthy and nutritious.It involves no cooking in oil but boiling thoroughly like soup with vegetables available in that season and with dry fermented fish and normal dry fish to make it more tasty.We always prefer to have kangsoi after the heavy festival season where we indulge in lots of oily and fatty foods.There are different varieties of kangsoi,almost all the vegetables can be put in making Kangsoi.But today to start with,we are taking the vegetables which is available in winter season. Kangsoi Ingredients:Peas,Potato,Onion,Spring onion,Hawai Mubi(Types of fresh Green Bean),Dry fermented fish(Ngari),Normal Dry or Fried fish(Shreded),Tomato,Red dry Chillies,Salt to taste,Coriander,Ginger, for Garnishing.
Time to cook:10-15 mins
Process:Firstly boil the water and put dry fermented fish followed by onions,and the rest of the vegetables one by one.Dont to forget to put the other dry fish or fried fish(it adds to the taste) with one red chilly. And let it boiled in the low flame until the potato are cooked.And put the salt to taste.Garnish with coriander and Ginger(Slice) when it is done.serve with hot sticky rice or have it alone as a soup with dumplings.
Tips:The water should be properly boiled before putting any ingredients,it really makes a difference. To make kangsoi for the vegetarians,put lots of onions and spring onions as there will be no dry or fermented fish.
N:B-Everyone is invited to give comments and share thier views.

Manipuri Food

We both are die hard foodies.Manipuris,as a whole love good food and simple living.Our cuisines consist of Vegetarian and Non-Vegetarian food alike.Every morning, every manipuri look forward to eating something fresh and green,or a fish dish . Many people bought it fresh from the early morning markets which already started before dawn,or look at their kitchen gardens for something nutritious and healthy.Manipuri food is a very shakahari,as many people of the older generation does n't take even garlic or onions.Eventhough,it would be wrong to deny that we are fish lovers ,mostlyfrom fresh water rivers.During Pre-British period,when Kings and Princes used to rule and reign,Royalty used to take dishes , all vegetarian of 108 numbers in every meal.It is even followed now and King of Manipur,still have the previlege of devouring 108 cuisines,after offering to the shrines of the famous Govindajee Temple of Manipur.The number 108 plays a significant role in Manipuri History and culture, has its influence from the vedanta .Even 108 petal lotus flowers are offered and considered auspicious in any festive occassions .Here, we sisters are heading towards a fruitful journey to the Manipur Cuisine which is simple yet unforgetable.