Saturday, January 5, 2008

Manipuri Food

We both are die hard foodies.Manipuris,as a whole love good food and simple living.Our cuisines consist of Vegetarian and Non-Vegetarian food alike.Every morning, every manipuri look forward to eating something fresh and green,or a fish dish . Many people bought it fresh from the early morning markets which already started before dawn,or look at their kitchen gardens for something nutritious and healthy.Manipuri food is a very shakahari,as many people of the older generation does n't take even garlic or onions.Eventhough,it would be wrong to deny that we are fish lovers ,mostlyfrom fresh water rivers.During Pre-British period,when Kings and Princes used to rule and reign,Royalty used to take dishes , all vegetarian of 108 numbers in every meal.It is even followed now and King of Manipur,still have the previlege of devouring 108 cuisines,after offering to the shrines of the famous Govindajee Temple of Manipur.The number 108 plays a significant role in Manipuri History and culture, has its influence from the vedanta .Even 108 petal lotus flowers are offered and considered auspicious in any festive occassions .Here, we sisters are heading towards a fruitful journey to the Manipur Cuisine which is simple yet unforgetable.

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It was a good experience to went thru your blog recently....Keep it up please

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