Saturday, January 5, 2008

Kangsoi(Boiled food)

Kangsoi(Boiled food) is basically the most famous food in Manipur,because it is simple to make,very healthy and nutritious.It involves no cooking in oil but boiling thoroughly like soup with vegetables available in that season and with dry fermented fish and normal dry fish to make it more tasty.We always prefer to have kangsoi after the heavy festival season where we indulge in lots of oily and fatty foods.There are different varieties of kangsoi,almost all the vegetables can be put in making Kangsoi.But today to start with,we are taking the vegetables which is available in winter season. Kangsoi Ingredients:Peas,Potato,Onion,Spring onion,Hawai Mubi(Types of fresh Green Bean),Dry fermented fish(Ngari),Normal Dry or Fried fish(Shreded),Tomato,Red dry Chillies,Salt to taste,Coriander,Ginger, for Garnishing.
Time to cook:10-15 mins
Process:Firstly boil the water and put dry fermented fish followed by onions,and the rest of the vegetables one by one.Dont to forget to put the other dry fish or fried fish(it adds to the taste) with one red chilly. And let it boiled in the low flame until the potato are cooked.And put the salt to taste.Garnish with coriander and Ginger(Slice) when it is done.serve with hot sticky rice or have it alone as a soup with dumplings.
Tips:The water should be properly boiled before putting any ingredients,it really makes a difference. To make kangsoi for the vegetarians,put lots of onions and spring onions as there will be no dry or fermented fish.
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Erica Dsouza said...

tried the vegetarian version of kangsoi and i loved it! i had heard many good things about manipuri cuisine from friends an decided to try it out my self. thanks a ton! looks like its goin to be a regular dish in my home from now on. :)

Ramina said...

that awesome @ Erica..just wait for sometime..we are going to update or lets say relaunch this site with some amazing manipuri food ...enjoy cooking ....

Buuble Chin said...

just love the dish... 1st time i'd tasted it when my roomie had prepared it, alongwith other dishes. love north-eastern cuisines.. more healthy, tasty n nutritious.. yummm :)